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A priest with a tainted Bible. A brother with a taste for blood and demon flesh. A fool with a passion for the machinery of Hell. Chance Encounter By Sanford R. In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy arrives at Netherfield in a state of indignation and delivers an insult that nearly ended his future before it began. What if he did not go to Meryton that autumn and instead met Elizabeth Bennet later in London during the winter? What if their introduction was not an insult, but rather a challenge to smile, and how does the strength of an extraordinary couple help them to survive all that life sends their way?

Chance Encounters is a journey of the imagination, and explores how a resigned and wiser Elizabeth meets a hardened Darcy.

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It follows them and their families through their courtship, marriage, and beyond. Together they experience a mature love. Revised edition. This story contains scenes of a mature nature. Chance Vengeance By L. Melanie Rockwell has wealth, power, status, and influence. She is world-renown and comes from a prominent American family. She has the Midas touch and her beauty is legendary. Her life is changed forever when her limousine is involved in a traffic accident and Eugene Kelly, a garbage man, rescues her from the burning wreckage.

Within weeks of this crash meeting, it isn't clear where their opposing worlds will end. In the fourth book of this ten-volume series, the action is divided between northern Virginia and the western front. In Vickburg, Cory Brannon finds Lucille Farrell, his sweetheart, and also helps to establish a supply line from Texas, bringing food, weapons, and ammunition into the besieged city.

That path, however, is strewn with renegades and outlaws, and on the horizon there may be a rival for Lucille's affections. Meanwhile, in Culpeper County, Virginia, after a brief visit to the family farm by Will and Mac, the newlywed Titus feels obliged to answer the call to duty. The South gains a gifted rifleman in time for the December 13, , battle of Fredericksburg.

Also thrown into the fray is Nathan Hatcher, former beau to Cordelia Brannon, although his uniform is Union blue. After the terrible Federal defeat, news comes that Titus has been lost.

In her grief, Titu's widow, Polly, finds a comforting friend in Henry, the youngest of the Brannon sons. As winter turns to spring in early , a fitful calm pervades the Virginia front until the Union army marches into the Virginia wilderness again and confidently stalks Robert E.

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Near a roadside inn at Chancellorsville, Will and Mac witness the boldest move a field commander can make and observe firsthand the greatest loss the Confederacy can ill afford--the wounding and subsequent death of Stonewall Jackson. Features two classic novels from the New York Times best-selling author--Opposites Attract, in which Asher Wolfe, after years apart, still wants Ty Starbuck in her life, and A Will and a Way, in which Pandora McVie struggles to live with irritating Michael Donohue, named co-beneficiary of her uncle's estate. The Chandelle By Paul W. Change - a necessary journey This blueprint on Change has a place in many libraries.

It includes much humor from personal experience and the unparalleled choices and adjustments needed for three moves, numerous jobs, changing relationship with children, and even contacting friends and my car mechanic to encourage them to move to our new town.

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Change was difficult. As an 'almost' Baby Boomer, I realize that a large number of this generation will be in the market for information and guidance and a unique perspective on the myriad of choices people need to make concerning retirement or a 'change' in life styles. A major chapter of interest is Real Estate Pitfalls.

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We had the gut wrenching trial of having an agent and developer mislead my family as well as numerous other families. This chapter highlights with candor the importance of having everything in writing. The book closes with common goals between young and old, how to reach the goal, and passion and finding peace. Change for a 20 By Shamontiel L. Struggling to maintain her sense of self and her understanding of the world while spending the first year of her marriage in Kenya, Geraldine participates in a climbing expedition to Mt.

Kenya and is challenged to come to terms with a devastating accident.

A best-selling novel. As spring approaches, big changes come to the warm-hearted small town of Eureka, Colorado as its residents prepare for Maggie Stevens' baby and wedding and the arrival of a Hollywood movie producer and band together to get their beloved town back on its feet. Change of Course By Margaret M.

Chasing Chaos (Hollywood Lights #3)

Rising fast in the New York theater scene is a gifted young actress named Julianne Brown. Julianne Brown is not only her stage name, however. It is also her alias. As Angelia Henry, she was once the witness to a shattering crime.

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What will happen when her true identity is revealed? Grace had been running from her past for years, and part of her believed that she could keep her secrets forever. But when her only two children reached adulthood they were eager to get to the bottom of things. As her youngest daughter Egypt prepares for her dream wedding, she wants to know the truth about the identity of her father.

Newly undated! When a snow storm delays her return trip, she finds herself stranded in an unappealing land with a very appealing rancher, Jase Kent. In his fifth year of ministering to the citizens of Harmony, pastor Sam Gardner finds himself challenged by Deena Morrison's impending marriage to Dr. Daniel Pierce, the Hodges' possible loss of their daughter to her biological parents, and dour Dale Hinshaw's stubbornness. By the author of Signs and Wonders. Clark, the manager of an inn in Vermont, resents the efforts of the inn's new owner, Taylor Reynolds, to modernize it.

Aubrey Plaza is really WEIRD realltitily.tkD. I love it!

Cindy was in her mid forties as she prepared to go through her second divorce. She delved into the world of internet dating. What she found in her search was not only the potential for sexual adventure, but also the promise for great love. Was what she found real, or was she still looking in the wrong place? She thought she found the greatest love of her life, but was the feeling the same for him? She knew that she had fallen in love with the Rapid City area.

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  8. She hoped what she found there was a man to love as much as she loved the location. But how would her crazy ex-husband react? Change of Venue By Tirell A. Homeless Baltimore veterans from every major conflict since the Vietnam War are being killed by a paramilitary organization with government connections that is harvesting their internal organs for profit by selling them to transplant patients in third world countries.

    One of the main characters, who is a highly decorated Air Force four-star general with fighter pilot experience, came home from a secret operation to extract the U. He suffered from not only a severe case of PTSD, but was also badly injured.